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Hi Guys....It's a pleasure to find a forum that I can't find out new information which i need ...I'm from Indonesian my name is Eddy I got my chammy 3 day ago and I just need a lot information about caresheet,food, enclosure from this forum and you guys...My chammy seem 8" length from nose to tail .And I just bought terarium from a local petshop...but it's seem have a problem in air ventilation
My Terarium has a three cover ,upper ,left and right of mesh and back cover and front made of solid glass is that a problem?? and i put a soil ol live plant in it which have a many branch.. thank you guys before... From responding my thread....
Hello Eddy, welcome to the Chameleon Forums :)

It is great to see new members from different areas around the world. I think it would be best to ask your terrarium question in the Enclosures And Supplies forum. Make sure to include the species of your chameleon.
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