Hiding behind plant??


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Chameleon Info:
1. Veiled Chameleon. Male. 1 yr old. 1 yr in my care.
2. Never handled except for cleaning.
3. Feeds on crickets and sometimes superworms. 5-10 crickets every other day. Gutload is carrots and Cricket Crack.
4. RepCal w/ D3, Herptivite, RepCal w/o D3.
5. Droppings are dark and white.

Cage Info:
1. 18x36" Screen Cage
2. ZooMed 60 Watt Day Bulb. ZooMed 18" 5.0 UVB. 12 hours everyday.
3. Between 80 and 85 degrees Farenheit. Using a thermometer.
4. Around 60%. Using a hygrometer. I mist about three times a day.
5. Yes, a palm plant. It's dying so I'm going to get a new one soon.
6. Located in my bedroom. It's at least 5 feet.
7. Los Angeles, CA

Current Problem-
For the past few days I've noticed my chameleon having problems walking up and down the screen. It seems like he doesn't have a very good grip on it. Also, I've found him sitting behind the pot of his plant where it's dark.

Thanks :)


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water? how many times do you dust w/d3, w/o and herpvite? how old are your bulbs? 80 and 85 degrees Farenheit ambient temps or basking temps? does he have any vines or limbs in the cage to climb or just a palm? pics of the set up and chameleon would be very helpful.


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Those are the basking temps. I'm terrible with setting up decor in any reptile enclosure. There is a vine in there.
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