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So I am looking for an organic hibiscus plant for my cham and I am having a hard time finding an organic plant nursery......is it safe for the chams to eat the flower off a plant that has been fertilized and not organic?

For example bought at the local hardware store or palnt nursery?
I haven't found any organic Hibiscus, but I still purchase them for my "kids"... tortoise, chameleons, various other lizards, etc. I just don't let them have access to the new ones until I've completely changed the soil and acclimated them for a couple or more months. It's time consuming, but I feel confident that the new growth in fresh soil and the lack of exposure to further toxins.. they are "safer" than at the time of purchase.

Some of my "kids" are 15+ years old ..others, 4 or older ..and no ill effects, thus far.

Of course, continue to seek out an organic choice. I am always looking!
yes it is ok. All the plants we buy from the nurseries or home depot, lowes etc have been fertilized. Change out the soil as stated so they do not injest any fertilizer in the dirt. The plants themselved should be fine.
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