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Hello every one. My name is Becky and as the title says, I'm new here. I raise and breed several different reptiles. One thing I do not have a chameleon. I've been contemplating getting one but would like to learn more about them first. So I was told to come here to learn the ins and outs. I also hope to make some new friends while I'm here. :)
Welcome! Great place to get you started on your Cham keeping journey... Have any questions, ask away! If not, the search engine is a great way find great info. to read up and learn. :)
Hello Becky, welcome to the forum. I am old any way you look at it.:( I am old on the forum and old in life. Ah well. I am happy to share any information I have so feel free to ask away. I look forward to new friends.
What kind of reptiles do you currently have?
Thanks for the warm welcome. :)

Laurie, I have boas, cornsnakes, kings, balls, bearded dragons, cresteds and leos. Oh and I have one pacman frog. Always adventurous here. LOL
Welcome to the forums! I see you are from Illinois. I currently live in Florida but was born and raised in the Chicago area and south suburbs. What part do you live in? Good luck in your quest to becoming a chameleon owner!
I have beardies and gecko's but mine are williansi. Almost had cresties but I don't have room. I am even getting rid of my last 2 beardies soon.:(
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