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Hi everyone pleased to meet you all!!!

i have 2 yemans 1.1.0 jekyl and hyde

ive got a question about eggs,i know they lay eggs without being near a male but my q is how do you tell the difference between fertile eggs and none fertile eggs if she as been near a male?????

thanks and hi again ...:)
i've heard that fertile eggs are really bouncy and rubbery. lol. wait for more people to chime in first tho.
so will this feel very different to each other then(fertile/unfertile)?as ive never had a rep lay eggs on me!!!she hasnt yet just getting ready if she does....

I' trying to find out the same thing. I've never had a rep lay eggs either and I haven't seen the signs with my own eyes yet. I just go off of what everyone tells me on the forum. But I want to know around what age will they first begin to lay eggs?
Don't try bouncing the eggs.. it wouldn't be good for them!

Infertile eggs turn yellowish and mold when they have sat in a tray for a while. I don't toss any until they shrivel up and mold.
when my veiled eggs were infertile I noticed the eggs were smaller and they would get water beads and then mold.
infertile eggs will have no veins in them and the eggs have a yellow tinge to them and fertile eggs are just like chicken eggs they are very white and have a leatherie touch to them when you take them outa the lay box but asume all eggs are good until they mold , and then just through them away when there molding
Don't try bouncing the eggs.. it wouldn't be good for them!

:rolleyes: Uhhh … I’ve dropped plenty of brev eggs and man do they bounce (just like Bumbles).

I totally agree that this is a “bad thing” to do but the ones I dropped did hatch. They crawled funny though.

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