"Hey get away from me!" Giant Outdoor Photos of 3 Sisters


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"Hey what is this weird thing?"
"Get back here, it's dangerous!"

"Is that food?"
"No stupid, food only comes from a plastic cup."

"This is my spot!"

"Hey get away from me!"

"Geez you are so annoying!"

"Crap, he sees us."

"OK, OK just stop squirming!"

"Ah, perfect."


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Woah for some reason they remind me of little yoda babies:D

Awsome looking babies Louis.

Im still kicking myself not getting one from you at the pomona show...they look really cool and hope to own one in the future


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"So, this is The Outisde..."

"Hmm...what's the big deal?"

"OK, I'm going for it!"

"Hey, lemie IN, it's scary out there!"

"NO, get your OWN cage!"
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Those are a hoot, you need to have a thread that you update for us called the 3 sisters- at it again. Those are great pictures and funny titles.
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