hey all, im here to shop and say hey~


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I'm from Ohio, and i love chameleons, theyre incredible and interesting no matter what age or size they are. just giving everyone a chance to introduce themselves and such. let us all know who you are. Anyways~

Offtopic here->
im currently shopping for a panther chameleon, ambanja, nosy be, or ambilobe are the main 3 im hunting for. Thanks, pm me if you are aware of sellers. i'd love an ambilobe x nosy be.

Thanks, enjoy the thread and have fun all :p


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Hi Mentor.... I'd give GlitterGloomGirl a buzz.. she may have what your looking for.. and she's a great cham keeper too . She can help you with setting up and getting started.
Welcome thementor!

Check out the sponsors! They're all incredible folks with stunning animals for sale.

(I'd also suggest that if a chameleon for sale thread is more then 7 or 8 months old, it's a good bet that the chameleon is no longer avialable ;) )
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