HE'S STILL ALIVE! Help needed Immediately!


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I was just shutting off the lights in Bluetooth's cage, when I noticed his color had changed and he was upright on the towel I'd set him on.
This morning before I thought he'd died, I had given him the medicine and carefully fed him water with a syringe.
HELP! My vet is closed today. What should I do? Should I leave him alone? Should I put him in an enclosure where he could warm up?
He's been under enough stress yesterday. Do I try to rehydrate him by giving him a huge misting?
Thanks in advance.
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I would put him where he can warm up to normal or maybe just a bit higher temps. Make sure he stays hydrated and hope. Maybe he is going to make it after all. Let us know how he is.
Bug juice would be a good option. Consider taking some of his food, grinding it up in a food processor or mortar and add some electrolyte / vitamin based drink (I was recommended pedialyte).

Strain it and try to give him some with your finger or through a pipette.

Good luck :)

EDIT: Also try to make sure he isnt up high while he is weak, if you have to move him to a low container with a small twig for him to hold on to. It might be a bit stressful for him being in a new surrounding, but it will keep him safe from falling and you can probably get him more even heat and humidity.
How strange ! If its weak it might be best to not let it climb, but if you can devise a means to keep it warm, (meaning dont let it chill) do so, but I wouldnt increase the heat yet. I note your in Arizona, and assume its not too cool overnight, but all the same. So you left him in the cage all day? Lucky for you, try not to disturb it tonight
and if you can, definately see the vet again in the morning!
X'ing my fingers for you that he recovers, and will be very interested to hear what the vet has to say. Best wishes mate!

P.S since his condition is a mystery, I wouldnt mess with bug juice today, you dont want to stress it, it may be teetering on the edge.
Does your vet have an emergency after-hours number?
You ask about warming him up; how warm is he? - If he's at a temperature you'd normally keep him at, I'd say leave him at it.
Your vet deemed him slightly dehydrated and put him on Panacur (anti-nematode treatment). Panacur is considered fairly gentle; if I remember, it's three days tx, two weeks off, then another three days?
If it were my chameleon (I am not a vet, and others may have better advice), I would give him a serious misting, ideally in the shower - I would place a plant in the tub, where he can be in or out of the spray (if he's strong enough to hold on to the plant) and let him have 20-30 minutes. If you can position him so he's right at the edge of the spray, so he's aware of it and getting the occasional drop but not being drenched, that would be best). If he starts drinking, you may be able to get him to lap up today's Panacur dose without having to force open his mouth (likewise if he's eating, I've been able to put liquid meds on a waxworm, or slip them into the mouth when they're munching).
Good luck with him!
I just called the vet's and no one has any real suggestions. I have a small (never used) bird cage I can put him in. It would be possible to heat it and control the humidity much better in that. I'll try making the bug juice stuff. Thanks all of you--wish me luck.
I did make an appointment for first thing Monday.
My bug juice recipe, pedalite, ensure, calcium, & crickets, blend well & strain. Please don't force him to drink. Just put a drop on him mouth and see if he takes it. Last thing he needs right now is the stress of someone forcing his mouth open. jmo
Please don't force him to drink. Just put a drop on him mouth and see if he takes it. Last thing he needs right now is the stress of someone forcing his mouth open. jmo

Not to mention if he struggles you risk him inhaling it rather than ingesting it, that would likely be fatal. I dont recommend anyone attempt to force feed/water a reptile without previous experience.
I called the vet's office, my rep vet is off today. Nothing new/different to suggest to me from them. I set him up in the smaller cage, and bumped up the heat, which I'll monitor. I'll try giving him the shower treatment.
i'm to give the panacure once a day for a week
Strongly agree with Jo Jackson's main point. Do not force anything into your sick cham. Aspiration pneumonia is a fatal complication. Keep him warm, keep him low, mist away, and drop on his mouth to if he shows any interest in the bug juice remedy. Best of luck.
Dr Ren (Vet)
I gave him a 30 minute misting in the shower. Returned him to his cage, bumped up the heat and will monitor that temperature. I've covered the cage and put him in a quiet location.
Excellent! :D


Keep the updates coming mate :)
I would say you want to keep him a little warmer then 63-is that your room temp? I would say you want him at least 75.
Whichever works-it is always better to heat the room then the cage. Since you are not certain what is wrong with him I just think it better to not let him get too cold.
We decided not to run the space heater all night due to safety concerns. I'm Heating this room up to 75 degrees tonight. Current temperature in room is 69 degrees..
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