He's so blue today!


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Huxley is having a blue day :D


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Thanks guys :) He really was showing off today.

He's a sambava panther, or at least that what LLL told me when I got him. He's just about 6 months.

very nice lookin boy ya got there, as for it bein a sambava? looks more ambanja to me sweet lookin blue one.
If that is a sambava then im the queen of England! However it is a really nice Ambanja...

All and all I think that its a mistake that came out OK :)
Haha, that's what I thought! I've doubted he was really a sambava for a while now, but several members here on the forum have said he's just going through color phases, and that he really is a sambava. I don't know... the blues are not normal for him, only when he's in the shower, or showing off like today. His normal colors are more typical of little sambavas. It doesn't matter to me what local he is, and I'm actually having fun guessing.

This is "normal"...


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still a nice ambanja in those pics no u bar an look at that ambanja nose.reg or showin off his blues hes sweet.
Makes me wish Veileds were capable of such colors. Amazing.
What brings on the blue? Just happy? :)

I haven't figured it out quite yet... I know he loves the shower, and he's always blue in there. Today was the first time he's been blue like that outside the shower, I'm not sure what triggered it.
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