Hes Not eating. :(


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i got my senegal chameleon last friday im trying to feed him dead crickets cause there no local pet shops that sell live crickets so i buy them online iv seen him drink water three times but never eat. hes always light green and basking on his branch but i have walk in the room and he would be dark green and active walking around climbing branch to branch i have him in a room where its quiet no loud noises i turn on his lamp on at 8:00AM and off at 8:00PM he has a dripper also his not to big his bout 3 to 4 inchs i mist his cage about 2 or 4 times a day i leave the dead crickets in the cage over night to see if he eats them but never does he hasnt been eating at all ever since i got him which has been 5days now and i ordered him off of reptile city.:confused:
By dead you mean they died, not that you bought them frozen? Dont offer those it'll never eat them and if it does it could make him sick. You'll need to buy more online and store them in larger well ventilated housing.
Meanwhile, why not see what you can catch outside (where possible) .
Even were the crickets live, he may be still adjusting to his new home, they can stop eating for a little. :)
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