Hermie made his move..


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to his "big boy" cage today. :D I never thought that this day would come but he is FINALLY back into his fully screened reptarium. I have a digital probe in it and the basking spot is varying between 102 and 99.5 (cold end = 70-75), he has his UVB light, bunches of fake fines and leaves, his dripper system with collection spot at the bottom and he has climbed up to the very top of it ... when I stuck my hand in there with him he literally jumped onto the branches and jetted up there. :) He seems to be almost completely better .... the only lingering effects of his MBD ordeal are a crookedly healed back leg and a crookedly healed front leg ... both of which he has learned to compensate for. Our problems really came to head right after I moved him to this cage last time (I have a feelings it was a coincidence) but hopefully we wont have the same thing this time.

Thanks everyone for all of your support and help during our ordeal!!
That is great news Jam :)

So overall, how long did it take for Hermie to recover?
I was just trying to figure that out yesterday, and it's been almost exactly 3 months since our first emergency visit at night. I would say that in hind sight maybe a week or two before that he was acting oddly, but we just didn't put the pieces together.

He's still on a low dose of liquid calcium daily, and in a month or so my vet wants to re-xray him to make sure that not only are his bones not loosing bone density but also that we aren't over calcifying anything either.

Of course he's going on a food strike right now in his new cage -- refuses silk worms, wax worms and crickets -- but he's always been resistant to change. I'm hoping he'll come around in another day or so. At least he's climbing around in there.
that,s great news. hermie is an insparation to chameleon owners that encounter the problem with their loved chameleons to fight it when ever possible!!!
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