Here are some pics. Pregnant or not?


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Sorry to post again about same topic but here are some pics after I introduced her to male.


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Nice I wish my two leopard geckos would get along but my female doesn't like the male so far. Matter of fact they got into a scuffle so I had to seperate them.
I would guess not based on her reaction. A gravid female will turn very dark and actively fight off the male's advances rather than just moving away. If it doesn't work now, you can separate them and try again later. In other words, keep trying until she does fight him off. Do not worry, the change in her attitude towards the male will be unmistakeable. She may already have fertilization occuring but may still be in the receptive window so multiple copulations shouldn't be a problem.
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Just like us, it only takes once. But, the more times you do it, the better the chances. Why did they not mate this time? She kept trying to get away?

Or, are you sure the male didn't slip on a chamdom while you weren't looking?
No i know they didnt do it because they were taking to long to get situated so I figured she was getting to stressed. i may put her back in, im always scared he is going to make her fall off the high vines.
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