Here’s my enclosure complete plus an added pic of Eustis


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He’s sideways on a wooden dowel basking so you can barely see him and he’s shedding more to. I’ve pretty much completed my enclosure now except I need to mount my plant light higher up because it overheats his basking area. I taped the shower curtains so they fit snug around his cage and then cut off the extra so it’s not hanging on the sides and I cut it a little longer than the water drainage tray so I can kind of tuck it into the drainage tray. Its not much longer, maybe an inch so it just barely tucks in. I think it finally looks good. now I have to set up a cleaning regimen so I can keep it nice and clean. Eustis didn’t eat for two days but today he finally ate some Dubia. Not sure why he didn’t eat. I think I need to start giving him less and maybe every other day. He looks really good unless I go near him, then he turns dark and runs away. Oh well, he’ll get used to me in time. I hope! The Jackson’s I had over twenty years ago would come right to my hand but they were captive raised. I think Eustis was probably wild caught unfortunately.


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Thank you Klyde O Scope for your advice! This made a huge difference and my sansi is no longer overheating the enclosure.
I hadn’t considered the Sansi LEDs overheating the enclosure. Not good! Can I possibly see pics of the aluminum frame you have set up for it?


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Thanks everyone! i live in an apartment so I can’t be hanging things from the ceiling.
planet Remulak, all I did was get two 3 foot sections of v shaped aluminum kinda like what they call angle iron only it’s aluminum and I laid them across the top of my enclosure and set the sansi light on top of them so the light shines down between them but the light itself is supported on the aluminum bars. I’ll see if I can get a picture tomorrow.

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I hadn’t considered the Sansi LEDs overheating the enclosure. Not good! Can I possibly see pics of the aluminum frame you have set up for it?
They generally don't. I believe the problem Linda had (please correct me if I'm wrong) was because the light was sitting directly on the metal screen, causing the screen to act as a heat sink/radiator.

My lights are less than an inch above the screen and I can keep my hand on the screen indefinitely—no heat transfer.

Old picture.


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I love the idea of the crisscross board, I had never even thought of it. I just drilled holes in my sticks and then secured them with floral wire through the screen, but I’ll definitely try the board next time I redo my guys cage!


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Yes I had my sansi plant light directly on the screen top and it was making my enclosure too hot so Klyde O Scope suggested I get something to lift it off the screen at least an inch so I went to Lowe’s and bought two 3 foot pieces of aluminum that are angled or like a v shape and I put them across the top of the enclosure so the frame is bearing the weight of the light and then I set my sansi plant light on top. No more over heating now!
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