Hemipene out while on my hand!?


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I was adding some sticks to his enclosure, so he was stressed out. He came over and wanted me to pick him up. So, I picked him up then he started doing a “dance”. He grabs my hand tightly and scoots himself around on my hand.(He’s done this a few times) Then when I look down I saw part of his hemipene out. I quickly put him back and left him alone for a while. He is nearly 1 year old and a veiled chameleon.(I’ve had him majority of his life) Is this something to worry about? Or is the just a case of hormones from his new age? Any help appreciated.


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He was just happy to see you. They can also come out occasionally during bath time.

So either:
happy to see you
trying to assert dominance
trying to mark territory

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I know male snapping turtles will use that as a last ditch effort to drive off something that has made them very frightened or angry.

I've never seen them on content specimens.
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