Helping to rescue a friends panther


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Long story short, little guy hasnt been doing well. I asked my friend what was up with them one day and she replied

"Well one kinda sits around with his eyes closed" and I suggested she put him in a small enclosure and move them outside every couple days for a couple hours of sunshine and fresh air.

Last night I stopped by to take a look and that particular one was severely dehydrated. I mean I dont know how he was alive.

I asked her if he drank and she showed me the dripper cup and she misted him daily. I know she misted him and I know she fills that dripper cup every day as she is the anal retentive type.

Anyways, I immediately eyedroppered him a full dropper of water and soaked him in warm water for 20 minutes.

Im going to give her the rest of the repti-aid (some electrolyte formula I bought for my sick female) and Im going to show her how to make a cocktail of babyfood and calcium/vitamins

Im really thinking though........I should probably just show her how to give him the electrolyte mixture for a couple days as he probably cant digest any food in his current condition.......even with the babyfood having lots of moisture.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

The other one doesnt look as bad but he isnt very alert with eyes open.

Im rather frustrated with all of it right now. The panthers are really seeming to be alot more fragile than Ive anticipated.

She has an all screen enclosure (commercialy bought) for both, runs the daylight and the 10.0 bulb for lighting and feeds crickets dusted almost every other feeding.

Can these things be that frail?
i can't say much about the health but I've read silkworms are really good for rehydrating chameleons as they contain alot of moisture

hope they get well
what kind of 10.0...compact flourescent or flourescent tube??

I've heard of some Compact Flourescents procuce so much uvb initially that they damage young chams eyes. Could also explain the closed eyes...
Stay away from the compacts. They are too strong for the babies and usually any montane or forest chameleons.
she had compacts but I switched her to my 4 foot bulbs........I felt the compacts didnt really put forth enough spread.

could be why they hurt the eyes........too focalized.
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