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whats the best set up to have or to do need all help please new to all this would love to own a yemen chameleon and a bit puzzle on the light and heat as read loads of dif ways to do it thanks

lol just what i was thinking as i was reading it (or struggling to read it) LOL..

the kammers set up is a good price and a pretty good deal for what you get..otherwise the screameleons deal is good if you plan on only ever beeing into having one cham (habba mist is good for one set up, otherwise a mist king in later days)..
I'm a new cham owner too. Screameleons setup is GREAT and cheaper then buying everything online. I don't like the habba mister and it went into the box after 1 use. Why? It didn't mist!! It just sprayed out.

I'm gonna upgrade to a monsoon or mistking not sure which yet. I like all in ones but mistking is better quality but less convenience.

Vincent and Farrah @ screameleons don't mind my million and one questions either. My panther cham is PIMP too. Plus he sleeps hanging upside down too :D
Also my guy was 5mths old and when I got him and I think that was a good age as he's a little more hearty then a 8wk old. IE less change to harm him with my newbness. At screameleons anyways you can put a deposit on one and they'll hold him for a few weeks too.
Hello Budd, welcome to the forum. If you tell us were you are located maybe we can offer help more suited to your location.
Kammer's is the way to go!! Good price for everything you need for a complete setup. Liddy is super helpful too! :)
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