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SO, our baby Ambilobe is sleeping... A LOT.

We are very concerned!

He is usually a lazy guy, but he is also very active during the day on avg.

It seems after his first mealworm meal there has been a drastic digression in his activity level and he almost comes off depressed. He still will respond when we touch him and he still seems pretty stable, but could he still be too small for the mealworms although he ate them? I'm thinking they have to be related, but I am asking you all????? Yesterday he slept like alllll day.




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Have you ever had a fecal test for parasites done?

I'm new to chameleons so I'm not an expert like most on here but I do know from my limited experience that they tend to sleep during the day if they're not feeling good. Our first chameleon was sleeping and being lethargic during the day and he ended up having parasites. I don't know if that could be whats wrong with your guy or not.

Good luck! Hopefully some other people will post with their advice too. :eek:
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