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Does anyone have ant ideas as to help my 11 month old nosy defecate?? Would sunlight help?? His collars are showing stress and he hasn't gone in a few days now?
Are you sure he/she actually has to go? ,,, how much has he/she been eating? about drinking? Maybe dehydration is a factor.
What makes you think the stress colors are related to lack of poo? An adult tends not to poo so often. Have you seen the lizard straining/trying to poo, hanging its butt over a branch? What did the last poo you saw look like? Is the lizard drinking?
You could try giving it a knee high soak in tepid water or a shower, but unless its straining, three days should not be a concern.
I would recommend for you to fill out the "how to ask for help" questionare. We need more info to be able to help your cham.
All of the above. That said, I've seen numerous people say some time in natural sunlight will help stimulate a bowel movement. As long as it's a) warm enough and b) he has a place to get out of the sun if he wants, time in natural sunlight can't really be a bad thing.
Yeah!!!!! He got his first shower and within 30 seconds he passed it, phew!!!
Thank you everyone for all of your help!!!
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