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THE DAMN CATS knocked my veiled's cage over! his fron leg looks very swollen and i cant tell if its broken! this is horrible!! he seems shaken but ok besides the leg.. are there any good vets in north county san diego!?
thankyou i left a message with one (All Pets Vet) its actually my sisters chameleon but, i know how much i love mine so i am in a panic with her! im going to take him to the vet no matter what, so i just need a good one that wont put me into bankruptcy.
Good job Laurie sending Kent an email.

So why are you up so late? Fell asleep again watching another movie today? Lol

thanks for all your help im going to stop by the rancho penesquitos dr. i really hope it isnt broken, looks like might be a bad sprain, poor guy!! the cage weighs close to 80 pounds, still havent figured out how a 7 pound cat knocked it over...
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