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    I recently got the results from my vet on my veiled's recent fecal...round worms. As I am going to administer panacur myself, could someone please tell me how much to give and the best way to do it. The vet that gave this to me is not a herp vet. The panacur she gave me is a milky liquid and the strength is 10mg/ml. She said they dose dogs and cats at a dosage of 100mg/kg. Any help is greatly appreciated. BTW,,, cham is 68grams. Thanks for your help. David
  2. While I think seeing a reptile vet experienced in the area of reptiles and parasites would be wise of you, if you insist on doing it yourself, then I, nor anyone else on this forum offering a suggestion should be held responsible for any complications. The chameleon needs to be absolutely hydrated before the dose is given. A good hour or two in a morning shower on a tree should insure this.

    By my calculation, you should be giving 0.06 CCs of 100% strength Panacur on Day one, then repeating the dose again on day 7. You will have to calculate that out with your current strength of your mix. Some recommend to repeat a third time 10-14 days after the second dose is administered. The parasites have life stages that are not all affected by Panacur equally, so it is essential to clear out the system in intervals that would disrupt the parasites transformation and reproduction.

    It can't all be done in rapid doses because when too great a quantity of parasites die off, or try to exit the host body, they can cause blockages or rot inside them. Picture a big toxic rotting ball of worms inside the chameleons gut.

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