Help with Gravid BB Ambilobe

I'm new to breeding and my female blue bar ambilobe is DEFINITELY gravid (but not fertile). I have a flower pot (no plant) for her to lay in, it's definitely big enough. What should i fill it with? Regular topsoil and water?

Also, roughly how long will she remain gravid before she lays? i'd like an ETA (estimated time of arrival) of when i can expect to be looking for eggs.

Thanks everyone!
Is the flower pot at least 12x12? You could fill it with play sand, Eco Earth, soil without pesticides, coco husk, peat moss or any mixture of them :) it must be moist enough to hold a tunnel. That's why they suggest play sand. Make sure you are not around while she lays her eggs or she may become uncomfortable and not want to lay her eggs and become egg-bound. The estimated time is AROUND thirty days. :)
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