HELP with breeding????

:confused:Just got a femal chameleon and my male is going CRAZY over her...He likes her already..Do i put her in the same cage with the male or wait till they get use to each other.What do i dO??please help quick!!
First of all you should quarantine new animals until you are sure they are healthy and to make sure they acclimate and are of ultimate health prior to breeding-this process usually takes several months. Then you need to make sure your female is receptive as to avoid injury to either animal. Do some research-
Also are these chameleons old enough to be safely breeding? A female bred too young could have serious problems with egg binding or just the physical stress it will put on her body if she's not a healthy mature adult. What species are you talking about?
As was should be quarantining them in separate rooms...and then if you put the cages side by side after that there should be a barrier between them to stop them from seeing each other.

BTW how old are they??
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Besides the issues other members brought up.You should consider her diet/supplment schedule prior to breeding.I learned this the hard way!Be patient and get your ducks in a row. in trying to get to her I guess you mean....looks can be decieving. What colour is he when doing this and more important what's her colours ? How is she reacting ? You may be witnessesing a pre death fight and not know it !

In any case totally agree with all the above.
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