help...what is wrong?!


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Apollo seems to continuously climb on the mesh to get to the top of his cage closer to his basking lamp. i watched him try and climb on the mesh on the ceiling, almost fall, walk over to his basking spot (85F - 88F), sit there for 20 seconds then try and climb and get closer to it? i don't get it. and he seems to always be dark.
being dark is trying to absorb more heat, also how high is the enclosure? higher the better but obviously within reach.
there is a branch right underneath and the temp is around 85 to 88. he sits there but does not seem content. the cage is high. i am six feet tall and i need a stool to reach and turn off the light on the back of it.
OK-Looks like you have a Reptarium and that dark mesh soaks up heat like crazy. Take the temperature from inside the cage at the highest point of the basking spot. Measuring from the outside will not give an accurate temperature. I have had to move my lights closer to get the heat through the black mesh. Coincidentally, my chams were climbing on the mesh also.
well, he needed to be moved higher. as high as i thought he was it wasn't enough. as soon as i moved his cage higher he almost immediately turned light green and began looking alot more relaxed. i purchased a 75 watt basking bulb and he is content now. :D
thanks for your input, you've mad a happier chameleon

heres what his cage looks like now, tell me what u think!!!
and a couple pictures of Apollo, who began to get upset when i put the camera in his cage:p


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are they bendible vines u got in ur cage there i just bought some am just setting my cage up do u think its best to cable tie em to plastic posts have same cage as u tht is the 38 gal aint it? alan
the tank i use is 100 gallon flexarium...i used grapevine which is bendable as well as safe. i used pull ties to tie them to the poles on the side and some times just wrapping them around themselves so they would tie together without any outside help.
wht plants are u using? and ur cham looks cool.looks a character hehehe got more stuff for me cage today cnt wait to have it all done and get me cham. alan
im using a dwarf umbrella tree, and a ficus. he absolutely loves the umbrella tree. he uses it to sleep on and uses it to hide from me when hes not in the mood for a misting!
thts wht i ws thinking of getting the umbrella tree nice big leafs on it once i have completed my setup i will show ya.getting there slowly lol
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