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Hey guys so my boy is doing a lot better with his linear UVB and all the corrections you guys advise me to make he is eating normally and I witnessed him drinking all the time but just today I noticed this on him just want to be clear that this is probably a burn? And if so is there anything I should do to it or is there anything I need to correct ? As you can see in the picture if you put light up to it it will literally shine right through to the other side
Yes that is a burn. I call that area of the casque pearls . Initially it looks scraped not like a burn. that will turn black, harden and come off. When it comes off, it will look really bad underneath. Almost raw. Do not help it come off! Prescription burn cream is recommened. Silver Sulfadiazine Cream 1% used for third degre burns has an antibiotic for infection. Never touch that area with ungloved hands as you can cause it to get infected. Apply the cream to the pearls and sides daily once the pearls fall off continue daily fir two weeks then reduce to every second or third day. Be careful of buildup in the crevices and gently remove with dry qtip. Do not wet area until top layer is no longer raw. chams take a long long time to recover from burns. With each molt you will see slight changes. Since you can see thru the area means its deep. My cham is still healing and its been 8 months. I have pics but they are on my iphone. When Iggy got burned he quit eating for two weeks. he went downhill and i was in rescue mode. Pearls at the very top grew back and the base clisest to the forehead thickened. When he molts, he was miserable for days. The molts may get stuck and you might have to help but do that as a last resort and never use water. If you want pics, send me a Note and i will respond when im on the iphone. Btw much of the above directions were given to me by an excellent vet.
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