HELP! Veil Cameleon tail is not curling up

kim shupryt

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Please some one help me. My son's 2 1/2 year old chameleon is sitting at the bottom of his cage. He doesn't want to sit under the light. He is very touchy and noticed that his tail is just hanging pursay. He is not curling it up. His skin color is the beautiful turqoise, blue and green. Coloring is very good. I noticed that one of the logs came loose and is at the bottom of the cage. Could he have a broken tail???? Some please send advice fast, please. May God bless you for helping me.

If he is sitting at the bottom of the cage, he could have fallen from the top of the cage. Then again I don't know anything about your setup. Pictures would help too. But again I'm not sure, and if you think its serious, then I would take him to the vet.
Hello Kim,

Is your chameleon still sitting on the bottom of the cage? As Drake said, more info is really needed to help you and if you think it is serious do not put off making a trip to the vet. [THREAD=66]Check out this link for suggestions on how to ask for help[/THREAD].
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