Help! Sick gravid Jackson?


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Gravid Female Jackson, about 2 years old, been in my care for a little over a month
Handling - Next to never, only to go outside
Feeding - She has a steady supply of crickets, 2 a day gut loaded with veggies and zoo med cricket care
Supplements - Reptivite with D3 twice a month and Reptivite without D3 the rest of the time
Watering - I mist her twice a day, I keep misting until i see her stop drinking, she also has a drip system I fill up though I never see her drink from it
Fecal Description - (see picture below) I have also been seeing white solids in a yellow membranous sack, which I had been told were unused eggs from her pregnancy
History - This is her second time going through pregnancy.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - 16X16X32 screen cage
Lighting - I have a 25 watt infared light for basking and a 5.0 UVB linear light for lighting which are both on from 8-8 each day
Temperature - Average cage temperature is 75 with 85 under the basking spot, measured with a circular themometer
Humidity - I keep the humidity levels between 50-80% through misting and am currently working on ways to keep it closer to 80 than 50
Plants - There is a live umbrella plant in the cage the rest of the plants are fake
Placement - The cage is located in my room away from vents and fans with the top of her cage being about half the height of my room
Location - Around Fort Worth Texas

Current Problem - A red sack hanging around her rectal area.
I was gone for the weekend on vacation and had one of my friends taking care of my cham for me, when I came back she seemed alright, she drank a lot when I misted her for the frst time but her cage humidity was alright, so I'm thinking my friend just didn't spray her long enough, but Yesterday I noticed she was sleeping during the day and then I look in there today and I see a red sack hanging from her rectum, which I know doesn't look healthy at all, so I'm asking on here before I take her to the vet, is this a common occurrence? Do I need to take her to the vet asap? or is this something that needs to run it's course? I couldn't find anything on the internet about it.
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I think anytime something that's supposed to be IN the body comes OUT of the body, a vet visit is desirable. You should be keeping that moist. KY Jelly (which you can get at the drug store, you might have to go to the feminine hygiene department) is not expensive and very safe to use (it's water based, not petroleum based).
I looks like she has a prolapse - get her to a VET NOW. I went through this with a female jackson also. Only took about 20 minutes to get it back in. If you don't her there quickly you will lose her. The vet to me to use Very cold water with a lot of sugar mixed in until she got there. It helps shrink the prolapse. Just keep pouring it over her vent area. I felt like a monster when doing this but it did save her life. Let me know how it goes. Good luck.
Put some K-Y jelly on the prolapse and get her to the vet right now!
If you don't keep the area that is hanging out of her moist it will become necrotic.
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