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OK, here are some pics of our babies. Mike sent me two females and a male...I think...."Stripe" is by himself, then "Dot" and "Yolanda" (OK, I didn't name them!), then all three together. Educated opinions?


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It's pretty hard to tell at that age, but the tail length is a good determining factor. I think that you are right with names from what i can see.

Meaning that maybe both Stripe and Dot are males? The things I'm looking at are the dorsal crests, overall size, and eye turrets (which you can't see very well in these pics, but they're much more patterned in the two smaller guys).

Thanks for replying!:)
I am curious myself. I have heard them talked about alot but never really any specifics about their husbandry.
I think you might have two males... One for sure, the other one Im unceartain. Post some more individual pics. Get side views with the tails in fullview.
OK, here are some different pics...not as clear, but they show tails and profiles a little better. The first pic is the for-sure female (I think). Just for fun, the last pic is Drew's face when he "unwrapped" the chams on his birthday...:D

Will, if there are two males, should I separate them?


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The first I would say is a female, the second a male and the third I am leaning towards male too due to tail length. Coloration is hard to go by at that age.
Female, Male, Male.

Tails and the ridges on the back are good to go by, but the crest above their eyes can also give some minor hints. Males have a more developped ridge.

At this age, Give them some larger living space and you will be fine. But consider buying a second enclosure, and another female?
Yeah, Mike said he would exchange one of the males for another female, if I wanted (and I actually had two males). I'll have to discuss it with Drew. Mike is coming up this way (TN) at Christmas, so that would be a good time to do the exchange. We'll see what the kids want to do...Thanks for the expert opinions!
Going by the very last set of photos … F / M 85% need better pic / M / M (human and totally stoked over the brevs).

From my experience, tail length isn’t always the best way to do it. I have had females with pretty long tails, but in general males have longer tails and a thicker tail base. Some males have much thicker ones then others, but you know how that goes.

The best way to sex brevs is the dorsal crest; females will have a more rounded one while males will have a more rigid one.

As the brevs get older then yes males do develop the patterns in their eye turrets when showing off and will usually have a smaller body type compared to the females. However I’ve had pretty huge males before but the proportions are always the same – meaning the neck is a bit slimmer then a female and the body is “thinner” – if that makes sense.

I fricken need to get a kingsnake ad up soon – there is a WORLD of difference comparing a CB to a WC brev – I could right a huge paragraph about it. I also have some stunning F2 (second generation captive bred) brevs for sale and in another month some F1’s to match up with them.

Here are some pics … I’ve never had so many brevs with these brick red/orange coloration. Thry really are incredible looking. Alreadt snagged 2 females for my F2 breeding group.

Female … notice the full/rounded body type and rounded dorsal crest.

Male … notice the slimmer body type and rigid dorsal crest.

Roo--those are some AWESOME brevs! How cool....are they WC, or did you breed them? If you have a lot of them, I may have to think about getting another female.....

Were you saying sexing WC is easier, vs. CB? Of course, I'm guessing most WC are going to be older than my guys. Yeah, Drew is pretty stoked about his little chams. I told him last night about Mike's offer to exchange one of the males for a female, and he said,"No way!" So I guess we'll set up another enclosure for the other male. I put them in a larger critter keeper last night, and they have a little more distance between them...but still line of sight, so maybe they need different boxes
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The pics are my home grown F2 brevs and I have around 7 ready for homes.

Sexing brevs is the same no matter where they come from. Yes, I would remove the line of site in regards to the males. Males dont get testy with one another for some time actually. I have kept 15 or so mixed sexes in a large critter container up to 4-5 months of age and have never once seen males get touchy with one another. On the other as adults, I've seen some pretty bad fights happen.

PM me if you want some brevs - they will obviously cost more then WC however you will agree the price is very reasonable.

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