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Hi, my chaeleon Lola has laid eggs once already and it scared me, big time. It was my first ever. That was several months ago, she now has what looks like an egg bump by the base of her tail and I would like to know if anyone knows what it could be and what I should do. I am a first time chameleon owner and have had her for about a year now and just want to continue to care for her the right way. IMG_2142.jpg
yes, i have a big bin for her to lay her eggs, but she hasnt been in it or even went near it and i used the small sand and bucket as last time. she just doesnt seem right.
How long has she been this way? I have no personal experience with egg laying yet, but I'm sure someone else will chime in that has.
i haven't had a lot of pregnant chams, and i know they can be quite lumpy, but to me, that seems almost too large.... some others may chime in and not think so....if that's the case, just ignore but if it continues to protrude like that i would be almost concerned about it being difficult to lay anyway....and maybe it doesn't protrude quite that much when she changes position, but i'm a worry wort and would probably consider taking her into the vet to try to avoid any complications with egg laying....

it's a definite that she needs an appropriate laying it's good you have one already...

just seems to be to be an abnormally large lump....

keep us posted on how she's doing!!
is the sand moist? can it sustain a tunnel? she may be egg bound. one of these people on the forums lost a female due to two large eggs near her spine. Id go to the vet just to be safe. you may need to get an egg inducing shot
I'm a worry wort too when it comes to her becuz I have had every pet you can image and she is my first reptile. So I am still learning. She has only been this way for two days but I waited too long to get help the first time she laid eggs becuz I didnt know what to do and almost lost her... I want to hit the ground running this time and not wait for any reason. The bump doesnt always stick out real far, it depends on how she is sitting. But it is not normally there and it appeared out of nowhere the other day.
it could very well be an just seems quite large to me in comparison to most i've seen even after laying....the other one in the picture doesn't worry me quite as much.

some vets will say that a shot of oxytocin may help, but others will be more hesitant with the timing of it - kinda like an epidural...haha...don't want to give it toooo soon, but not too late either. lol. an xray would also give you an idea of how many eggs and possibly how soon she'd be ready to lay...not exact, but better based on the development.... so my guess is, it could only help.
When did she lay the last clutch? How many eggs were in the clutch?
What doesn't seem right about her?? Is she awake all day? Sitting low or high in the cage? Eating? Drinking well?

The egg bump is a bit unusual...but I don't know if that matters or not.

Can you fill out the questionaire at the top of the health section titled "how to ask for help" please? Please be as specific as possible about your answers.
What about side view pictures? It looks like an abscess from that angle...a vet visit may be in order.
Kinyonga.... She had her last set of eggs about 4 months or so ago. She isnt doing the normal gravid behavior, she is eating, and isnt hanging out at the bottom of her cage... but her colors are super dark all the time which isnt normal for her and she is very hissy and meaner than normal. She is eating and drinking okay now but on sunday she wouldnt eat anything, then on monday she was eating and drinking normally again. She has never really liked to be handled but is always ok with us changing her water and getting in her cage to feed her but for the past couple days she is very aggressive, always hissing. what questionaire are you speaking of? i am new to the forum thing and I havent really learned how to navigate real easy yet.
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