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I'm think about purchasing an enclosure if I can find a certain one that I have seen, but have no clue on the maker or a site where I can order it.

Here is a picture of it:

Any help locating it would be great

These are great cages for chams.

A few places that offer them:

Reptile Depot can be a little slow sometimes, but they add something that I have not seen offered by others. They add an extra door on the front of the cage. This door really helps with cleaning. Some places offer to build custom sized cages as well.
you may also go to your local pet store... i dont think a petco would do this, but a pet supermarket or another pet store. you can ask the manager to order you the cage with the dimensions. the link brad gave your is avery good site i had the pleasure of meeting the owner. i have 2 of his products and i highly recomenned them.
Thank You for the help.
I have contacted Bob at and he quoted me a price on the 48"x30"x24" @ $140 plus shipping.

I have another question since I also looked at a 48"x24"x24" at for $79.99 plus shipping. Is the price difference worth the extra 6" in length?

Thanks for the help
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Tough decision :p

Both companies make very similar cages. offers a choice in mesh size (very nice). ReptileDepot includes an extra door on the front-bottom (great for cleaning/maintenance).

If you are looking for the larger size, you might want to ask reptiledepot if they can make them. Would be easier to compare then.

Both companies offer a 2' x 2' x 4': 125 80
there is thread here on making your own cage. its very easy and looks 10 times better. It costs about 100 and you get the best built cage " by you " and you save and it has a drainage system witch non of those offer.

Just a thought
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