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Well today i decieded to try new things with my 4 month old Veiled chameleon. I went out and bought a few butter worms, wax worms, phenoix worms and meal worms. I wanted to see which she liked better. I was told to put a few of them in a glass small bowl which i did. My Cham played no attention at all to them. Then i tryed droping the worms in front of her and she only looked at them if there were really active which most of the worms were. finaly it worked. She ate in total about 6 worms ( 2 meal worms, 2 butter worms, 1 wax worm and 1 pheonix worm). She wouldnt touch the butter worms. If i put a few crickets in her cage she will chase them til there eaten but the worms gotta be put in front of her...

My question is this the way im always going to have to feed her when it comes to worms?
My cham will only eat worms from my hand, but i do throw a few in her veg dish, and sometimes they're gone. Try holding one at the but and let it squirm like mad and offer it to her slowly.
Most of my chameleons will eat worms readily if they can see them well. A glass dish may not be the best thing to feed them out of because it may not give enough of a contrast for your cham to be able to get a good view on them. I feed about 50% crickets and 50% superworms to my chameleons. I am not a huge fan of cup feeding but for superworms, it seems necessary. They burrow into plants as soon as they touch the dirt and I am not a big fan of letting feeders crawl around on the bottom of enclosures where they can eat poop or come into to contact with any water that may have been there for too long. I made a feeder based on this site

The only thing that I did differently was, I also cut out the bottom and screened it. That way, water didn't get into the feeder and drown the insects. This works well because I can also throw a few pieces of veggies in there for the feeders to eat while they are waiting to be eaten themselves ;)

Here is a picture of mine.. horrible picture.. and this feeder also has crickets in it, which I usually don't do but this guy is just getting over being sick and I am trying to closely monitor his feeding.

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