help on bredding Chamaeleo melleri


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hi iv got a pair of mellers , i think iv seen signs of wanting to mate by the male but havnt seen anything

does anybodey hav any good breeding information for these guys
I hear Mellars are difficult to determine gender. That would be the first step. How long have you had them?
There is a section devoted to melleri. Melleri Discovery they have some exp dedicated mellers lovers there that can help you. I know fluxlizard has bred his mellers. You may pm him with your questions.
well i have no info on breeding mellers sorry but if u do have a pair....i think u should post couple of pictures of them both if you could...i'm pretty sure sum one on here could help u sexing them or if you already know how to do that....hopefully u have a pair i would like one...:D;)
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