Help! Need to add more humidity..


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Ok, so I used to have great humidity as I misted a ton but now I switched cages and was going to get a misting system but my drainage is unreliable for more than a cup of water.

I made a drainage system but it still needs some tweaking. I ended up drilling a hole in my dresser and gluing a PVC pipe piece in there. I then drilled a couple hole in the bottom of my enclosure where the hole is hopes it would drip through to the bucket I have underneath. The problem is that the cage sits flat on the dresser so the water doesn't pool where I want and the weight of the plants doesn't matter as it is on a flat surface. Is there any way I can raise the cage up a tiny bit so the plants can affect where the water goes? Or is there something else I can do? Open to all suggestions.

Little Ink drinks a ton in the morning when I place the cup dripper on top but I'm afraid that's not enough for him throughout the day.. Especially since I'm at work for 8 hrs and can't hand mist him. The Habba Mist was great for that in my previous glass enclosure..

Here's the best pic i have now


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Whats the cage bottom made of? If its just screen you can raise up each corner with something, and also add something not quite as thick (high) under the plants so they dont sag so much the screen is torn.
If you used bricks or pavers, or just bits of 4x2 timber, you could slide a tray underneath the cage (ontop of the dresser) :)


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Make a nice substrate tray full of moss and stuff. That could help catch water and promote humidity. I am buying a habba mister for my cage which is cheap and not the best but will provide it with some routine wetness


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I wouldnt recomme d substrate at all. I would recommend searching on these topics as they come up often and there are plenty of threads on it. For raising an drainage systems there are lots of ideas. Ypu can even just do something like 2x2 on both sides to raise it. A small patio stone in each corner would likely work also. For humidity put shower curtain on two of three sides. I also have a small personal humidifier going into my cage to help with humidity levels. Do that and it will help alot. If your chameleon liles the dripper sstem. Search rain system on the site. One guy made one im not sure who im sorry. But its a really good idea. Im planning on doin that but modifying it a bit. Good luck


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Make a nice substrate tray full of moss and stuff. That could help catch water and promote humidity. I am buying a habba mister for my cage which is cheap and not the best but will provide it with some routine wetness

Do not add any "moss and stuff" to soak up water unless you would like to have your very own mold and bacteria farm growing right next to your cham! Once that stuff gets wet to begin with it doesn't dry, it just stops absorbing any additional water and just sits there stagnant. It doesn't smell good and it's a risk due to the possibility of impaction as well as creating a swamp in your cage full of mold and bacteria. You do not want your cage or anything in it to be wet for long periods of time. It should completely dry out at least twice daily to avoid health hazards.

If you are concerned about humidity you can try to put shower liners around a few sides of the cages. It's super cheap and I just use scotch tape to secure it so it's not so tight that you lose a ton of air flow. Plus if you have the top and front open you will still see good airflow. If you use the clear liners (which are like $2 at walmart or target) you don't really even notice them. I covered 2 sides of one cage and 2 sides of another cage and it helped with humidity. I also got a regular human humidifier and with a bit of PVC have a nice cool fog that rolls right into the top of my cages and fills them nicely with mist. It holds a lot of water and it is to use and won't break within a year like the habba misters are known to do. My guys really like it!


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get a romm humidifyer and a larger capacity dripper....unless your species needs extream high humidity climates, a panther/ vieled will do fine at a 50% ish humidity for a good long as there is water to drink present...then when you get home do the normal misting rutine. i mist mine in the morning at 7, then come home at 2:30 start the dripper...and mist every hour till his bed time at 7.
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