help! my new cham is acting strange?


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Going to have to look into that fecal testing. Usually once the poo dries or is older than a day, it doesn’t show very much. At least that’s what I think. Also, I think treatment is best left for vets as the dosing needs to be properly calculated for each chameleon’s size/weight.
I hate to do it, but I need to correct you on the greens. Although veileds will eat greens, veggies and fruit, their digestive systems aren’t built for properly digesting it. It’s much better to give those items to your feeders and have them pass on the nutrition. No one has truly figured out why they eat their plants.
You are correct in the moss…both fake and real are impaction risks. The centerpiece looks like a reptile hide, which while it’s ok to use (except for the moss), it doesn’t provide any true benefit aside from being something to sit on. @wandathecham you may want to just store the glass enclosure and all the rest as chameleons can be gateway reptiles. The glass enclosure and the centerpiece would be very nice for an animal like a crested gecko if you ever get one in your future.
This is a kit that directs you how to take a fecal sample, thats your pets info, and it ships to a lab. Just like most vets do. The packaging is included along with a postage paid addressed label directly to the lab. vieleds eat greens go supplement their diet. Yes gut loading all feeders is a must bit offerimg greens is a must too. If their diet doesnt require it. They simply wont eat it, but it is good to offer. also if they are having problems hunting it is a food supply available. Mine went into my herb garden and started picking the little leaves off of the oregano and didnt touch anything eles. Also from time to time i have caught him eating the yellow jade plant even though there was collard greens available. i figure their instincts know what they need more than i do. He has never eaten fruit or veggies that i am aware of. With regards to glass enclosures, i figure the envioorment would be too wet and causr tail rot.
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