help!!!!! my adult vieled on the bottom of his cage


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My vieled was on the bottom of his cage when I came home ,36 x24x24 ..humidity is good I even rapped his cage in glad wrap besides the front and top ,he has a ri and mouth rot ,I've been giving him batril every day for a week now he has been eating and drinking and popping, and has been slugish! Seems as if he was barely hanging on to branches today,then I came home and he was on the ground in a up right position ? I took him to the vet and he had fluids ,and antibiotic shots,and b12 shot .....please any suggestion I dont want him to die
Hi, you should fill in the "how to ask for help" questionnaire stickied at the top of this forum. Just copy and paste it into a reply, then add your responses.

It does seem like he's going through a lot, so it's possible it will take him some time to get himself straightened out. Hopefully someone here will have something more helpful to add.
my veiled is a health big boy and i asked why he did that at times and he is just trying to find a way out cause when i let him out of his cage he don't want back in but he might still be recovering and trying to check out his new surroundings. but yeah my baby veiled also does that when i keep the door open bam the go for the freedom so he just might be trying find a way out of the cage. might want to let him out and free graze if you have the set up. he just wants to check things out.

what i do is rearange his cage every month reputting up the vines that i have with ivy from micheals craft store and he loves it when he gets bored he goes back to the ground looking for an escape or he is just trying to go for crickets. i've watched them go through the repti bark to go after the crickets that try to hide under neath them veiled are very good hunters and i watch in amazement when they hunt the crickets. but yeah make sure he stays healthy. and take a doo doo sample to the vet.
It sounds like you're already doing everything you can for your cham by taking him to the vet and treating him appropriately. At this point it's just a waiting game to see if he will pull through or not. By the time stomatitis (mouth rot) and a RI have set in this has been an ongoing problem from poor care for a long while. Judging by your avatar he is having trouble breathing, which makes sense given his condition. He may just be on the bottom because he can stand with his feet apart to try to breathe better more stable than he could on a branch. I've heard some people use a cool mist humidifier to help loosen an RI up a little and help them breathe. You could try that, but don't keep it on all the time or the cage will stay too damp and let mold and bacteria grow. He's probably sluggish because he feels like crap. That's to be expected.

It's sad to say that the guy who had him before you may have messed him up too much for you to save him. I hope that's not the case, but if he also had poor nutrition on top of everything he may just be too weak to fight this off. Or it may just take a long time. A life of poor nutrition and poor care is unfortunately not something that can be reversed easily.

What are you gutloading his crickets with? It is paramount that he be getting the best nutrition possible right now especially so he can build the strength to fight this thing.

Keep him as well hydrated as possible since he's on medications. If he won't drink he may need more fluids from the vet so the meds don't knock out his kidneys.

Definitely do not change a lot about his cage or let him free range if that's not something he normally does - he needs as little stress as possible right now! Extra stress could put him over the edge.

Good luck with him, keep us posted!
I really feel for you and am praying the little guy recovers from his illnesses.

You cannot change what the previous owner has caused, but you are obviously doing everything you can for him and I`m sure he is very grateful. My thoughts are with you both. :)
Thanks for the prayers guys, I feel like I'm doing all this and its not helping,I'm gutloading with vegetables ,I just found him hanging by his tail on the bottom,I think he is falling ,and his body seems really weak ,and he has these lumps just before his wrists ...
Do they look like they are almost bowing out?


(From the Thread What MBD Looks Like)

Do they look anything like that?
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Did he have these bumps when you took him in to the vet? Did the vet say anything about them??

Are they soft or hard?

Gout can be very painful for the chameleon and I believe it is caused by a diet that is too high in protein.

It would be possible if the person you got him from gutloaded his crickets with dog or cat food of fed him pinky mice....
Yes,the vet said they were nothing as for his tail he said it look like a sist ,but for the past week has been eating ,drinking and pooping,than all of a sudden it seemed like he just got really weak ,and seemed drain ed ,could it be his uvb light?
Gout can be caused by dehydration too....and you said the previous owner only gave him water twice a week. The vet should be able to do a test and an x-ray to determine if it is gout....but it sure looks like it to me.

I'm worried that this chameleon isn't going to make it from the sounds of its behavior.

You said it has an RI...what are you basing this on?
How do you know it has mouth rot? If it does, did the vet clean out the areas and do a culture and sensitivity test on the exudate?
Vet said he had ri and mouth rot,he does a gasping thing for air and the black residue in his mouth wouldn't come off when the vet tried to get it out ,last week no sample or test ..should I try to get it out of his mouth?
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