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I'm new to this forum, just joined today. Caught me a baby Jackson Cham over the weekend while in Maui. I bought some pinheads to feed him. I need some help to make sure on how to give him water, I was told to spray/mist water on him but I've been reading different in this forum. So what is the best way to give him water??? :confused: Thanks!!
some same dont mist them directly but do it around them...also make sure the water is a lil warm and not to cold.
if by caught you say wild check for parisites also how did you get it out with customs and all. Its a big fine to have a cham there.
I caught it on Maui. These jackson chams live all around there and on the other islands...not illegal to have them. Thanks for the advice on looking for parasites...will check it out.
do you live in hawaii or did you just visit over there. i was told they sell for $20 over there. its illegal to have veiled chameleons in hawaii
Jackson's are an introduced species to Hawaii, and they have done very well there. The story is that, in the 1970's, a pet store owner received a box of Jackson's that weren't doing so hot. He/she let them go in his or her backyard in the hopes that they would recover. They did. Those 36 chameleons are the parents of the large breeding groups of Jackson's in Hawaii now. Veileds are illegal because of the fear that they will also do very well, potentially forcing out natural fauna.

For caring for your little Jackson's, first question is.. do you live in Hawaii? Or, did you remove the chameleon to another state? The reason I ask is because, if you are still in Hawaii, an outdoor cage would probably be the best situation for your little guy. If you are no longer in Hawaii, then you need to set up a regular cage with UVB lighting, etc. Here is a great site on Jackson's and their care.

I do live in Hawaii, I have my little guy in a 20 gallon tank outside under cover but still has some sunlight. Interesting story of how these jacksons got here...I was wondering myself how they all came to be here in the islands...and yes they do very well, they grow up to 1ft long maybe bigger??? (some people have seen bigger ones (2ft +) crossing the road & had to stop for the guy) I don't know what the veiled cham is...will read the flyer.
Thanks for all the help, appreciate any advice. Will keep reading posts to learn more!!
get a screen enclosure for it when it gets older. they live better that way. i have a pair of jacksons myself and i'm waiting for babies
Hold on now... they are living well in the wild there in Hawaii, therefore you should keep it outside in the largest cage possible. Consider building a massive enclosure around some plants that your property may have.
Or, you can use one of those round walls that the farms use. Basically, they use a not climbable material and circle a tree with a short wall.. about three feet. Then they put the chameleon in the tree. The cham can't get past the barrier, but lives a live very similar to what it would in the wild. You could supplement food and water, and have the honor of watching its life. You just have to make sure that no plants grow up next to the wall that it can climb to go over it... etc.

I would really consider getting it out of the aquarium, though. Chameleons need ventilation...

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