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Quick question about feeding a baby veiled... He is a great/enthusiastic eater (hand feeds and hunts for his own crickets) so eating is not a problem, however, I want to make sure he is getting everything he needs. I feel like I have spent hours researching diet to find inconsistent and/or scattered answers. Please help! Can anyone lay it down straight and simple for me so I can make sure I'm on the right track.

What are the best feeders other than crickets for a baby?
How often and how much of the feeders should he be fed?
Calcium and vitamin often?
Best veggies/things to gutload crickets with?
Anyone know how diet changes as my baby progresses to juvenile, sub-adult, and adult stages?

And one last thing which has nothing to with food...
I was trying to show my fiance (who is not a reptile/cham person) about veileds. He looked up stuff on youtube and every video it seems is of a hissing, biting, nasty chams. I know they can be moody and territorial and I'm looking forward to a personality. However, are they all really that mean, or are these videos simply people provoking chams/people that haven't done right by their cham? Very confused about this....

Thanks so much! I really appreicate (in advance) everyone's help!
Between your blog and Raising Kitty I think all my questions were answered and I feel like I have great resources to return to for other aspects of cham care. Very helpful info....thanks so much!
I've heard they are more aggressive than other species. My female is super nice, but my male tries to bite when you first pick him up. He will let you hold him, but it's tricky when I initially pick him up. That is a good link jannb posted. I feed my guys crickets, super worms, and silk worms.
Jannb-I was looking at your blog again for more info and took a look at some of your pics. Seems your veileds are friendly...and tolerate dogs, too? I loved the pic of your dog and cham. I have two dogs and have been wondering if I would have to keep them separate forever...any advice on how you did it? I would love to be able to have mine tolerate each other so that I could have my cham out and about when it matures.
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