Help chameleon with duck tape on body

Ok everyone,

Probably the weirdest situation ever but it's true and I need everyones feed back plz. I have a very healthy veiled that is a little over a year old. He is a male n very tame. Well he's cage had a hole in it n I put duck tape. Now duck tape is on his stomach. Soaked him in warm water n put baby soap on him. Washed him up n took some excess tape that loosed up. He started stressin out n became stiff so I did not want anything to happen to him so I left him alone. Half came off. Should I try again tommorrow. Any suggestions. Plz help. Thanks.
Mist him A LOT and see how much you can get off without hurting him. I would think even if you can't get it all off it should come off with his next shed. I just hope you can get it off. Don't put soap on him, water should do it, or try a q-tip with a little mineral oil.
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My only suggestion is not to resort to chemicals of any kind. If it refuses to budge, maybe try a little vegetable oil round the edges of the tape.
If you can, carefully trim off excess loose tape leaving only whats stuck as small as possible, and please dont force it, he'll shed it off in time. :)
Naturally, never use tape again, lol.
best wishes :)
Vegetable oil works well to get duct tape off snakes. Be very patient with it so as not to rip the skin. He'll shed it off after a while if nothing else.
Reptiles and tape just dont mix. Heres a sad story, some cruel dipshot taped this poor little skink to some blokes car door handle. Fortunately they got the tape off and the little guy was released, not too worse for wear. :(

Happened to me before

I once had a baby veild get stuck on some tape that was used to cover a hole in the screen cage. His whole little foot and part of his tail was stuck fast to it!

I was able to successfully free him with a q-tip and mineral oil. Using the q-tip to gently rub around the tape and skin. It came off with no trouble. But I will never use tape to cover a hole in a screen again
Was this hole covered from the outside or the inside of the cage?

It really makes no difference since dust and other contaminants inevitably find there way onto the tape surface and it peels back. If you use tape, you WILL eventually come unstuck! :)

Thanks for ones feed back. I feel much better now. I will never use duct tape again. Hope everyone learns from me. Thanks again.
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