HELP.....CHAM HAS FALLEN.....swollen ankle/leg


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hello to all, and thank you very much for reading my question,

I HAVE A PREVIOUS POST TITLED THE SAME THING, i would appreciate all advice :)

do you know anything about what to do if your chameleon has fallen, and has a suspected sprained/broken foot? my larger veiled ( Jack, 2 years, in all the photos) fell from about half way up his cage onto the bottom. he was fine that day, but now we are noticing his back right leg is swollen, and he's favoring it. does this require a vet visit? will it heal on its own? he is still fairly "normal", although he has not eaten anything since the fall ( yesterday morning) im afraid that the trip to the vet at the moment would put his stress level through the roof, but im also afraid that if we dont take him, his leg will not heal. what will they offer for a hurt leg? will they just tell me to take him home and let it heal by itself? then i will have put him through the stress of the move for nothing........please let me know what you think, any help would be really great, i dont like seeing my Jack like this thanks again.

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