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Hi i dont yet own a chameleon but am doing lots of research and buying of items for him, i want a male velied, i have bout a mesh viv with glass sliding doors,4x2x2 and just want to no the best equipment to buy, and if any1 no's prices of velieds in the uk as i have a supplier and he also knows im totally new to the hobby so dont want to be taken for a ride:eek:
thanx to anyone who can help

veileds are pretty cheap in the UK, you can usually get them from between £40 - £70 from pet shops. you can pick them up cheaper on the UK reptile forum, or even the classified section on here but theres not many uk.

heres the basics of what you should get:

a Zoo Med Repti-Sun 5.0 uvb linear bulb to provide uvb
a lamp holder and reflector with a normal bulb of around 40 - 60 watts for basking
a digital thermometer to measure temperatures
a hygrometer to measure humidity
calcium dust without d3 to use most days on the feeders
calcium dust with d3 to use twice a month
a reptile multi vitamin to use twice a month
a dripper to supply drinking water
a spray gun to mist the cage and provide humidity
a good selection of suitable live plants, fake plants, branches, vines and dowels.
a place to keep your feeders, a good range of feeders and plenty of veggies to gutload them.

i wrote this topic in this link to describe some of the things to consider as a newbie to the hobby which i think may be of use to you.
i have bout a mesh viv with glass sliding doors,4x2x2

Hi there I'm also new to all this and doing my research before I get my chameleon! I'm also in the UK and also want a male veiled :)

I was wondering where you got your viv? Can you give me a link or a picture or something I'm wondering what it looks like if it is glass and mesh - the ones I have seen so far are either all mesh or wooden with glass doors.

Thanks :)
thanx for the advice and tips,
i got my viv second hand from one of my dads freinds i will post a pic asap bt am also thinking of a glass and wood with a few mods, the one i have was a homade effort so is not all that great,,, but yeah will post a pice wen i hav 1.
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