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Hi Everyone!! I just joined this forum and am so happy to see that there are so many daily responses! I have my first chameleon (after wanting one for about 15 years) and I am TOTALLY enjoying her!!!! Her name is Amelia and she is a veiled..about 8 months old and I love her to death. She has become quite the pet, and quite the hobby!! I've done alot of research and feel she is so healthy and just hope she stays that way!!
The only question I have right now that I can think of is, do any of you have a veiled (female) and has anyone experienced her laying eggs??? I've heard they need to do this and am concerned that she gets it done when she needs to and has the right environment to do so so she doesn't become egg bound!!
I've got her in a large screened in cage with lots of pothos plants and jade plants (real) and she loves it. I've made her a nesting place, but if anyone has things I can watch for to let me know she is ready would help me alot.
I feed her mainly crickets, but she loves mealworms too so I give her both daily. I put her outside almost all day when it's nice and sunny (she loves it) and to make up the hours of heat and UVB i use the lights. She loves to be held and at night about 7 she will sit in my hand and fall asleep while I watch TV then I put her to bed about 8. :eek:) She is so sweet and so full of personality and I definately want her to live her whole life span!!
Any new suggestions are helpful and welcome! Mostly about the egg laying.


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She will wander around your setup looking for a place to dig, she wont want to eat much or if at all before she goes to do so as well, make sure she has a big enough spot to lay eggs in moist sand and about 9-12 inches deep and enough to have 3 or 4 inches around her when she is in it... make sure it is moist enough not to cave in on her when she digs her tunnel and give her plenty of privacy.... and you'll be fine... egg laying is hard on them. so take good care of her once shes done...


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LOL......Ren..its only been a week, and you managed to memorized all the stuff we put in you thread...LOL... save us a lot of work typing..

Hey Pam,
Welcome to the forum. We will help you as much as possible. Just post any question, someone will help out in a timely manner.:D


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Hey I'm trying to be an active member in here, haha If I could only help but one person...... hahaha that sounds cliche huh...
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