Hello From Texas!!!


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Hi My name is Emily but you can call me Emmie. I am from near Dallas,Tx about 20 miles south of it . Im the new owner of a 5 Mo old Fischer Chameleon Named Domino . I got him from my mom . He's a pretty cute little dude. Lets just say Im really glad I found this site and has been so informative . I look forward too meeting you all and gaining your wisdom . I have 1 Leopard gecko I call Pickles.hee hee (Herbie),1 bearded dragon whose over a year old named (Cheech),1 fischer chameleon named Domino (his nickname is Curley) and last but not least My siamese Rudy (call him Roux Roux) .

sorry I was in between names with my chameleon forgot I decided on Domino HHEHEHHEHEH

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