Hello everyone!!


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Hi I am Beth, I have many many pets:
Chameleon: professor
Pink toe tarantulas: cecil and algernon
parakeets: blue and twist
Cats: Roni, Maggie, Jarvis, Nemuko, Naruto, Percival
Hamster: willow
Fish: MANY - 5 tanks
Salamanders: Chupi and Keishou
Dart Frog: Frogsly
Florida water snake: Orochi
Praying Manits (about 100) currently common European and Chinese
I currently work in social insect research at Arizona State University, as well as work as a teaching assistant for a plant bio course. I am happy to meet everyone on this forum. It is my first time joining a forum, and am very excited to make new friends.
Woww... that gang must keep you very busy. How wonderful! :) Hi Beth, Welcome to the forum. I would love to see pics too ;)
yeah, sorry, this is my first time on a forum and I havnt quite figured out how to post pics yet. Working on it!!!
my husband says I am stuck in the 90's cause I never do computer stuff. IM MAKING A BREAK THROUGH!!
Welcome! I spent quite some time as a plant biology teaching assistant Back in the Day (i.e. 1997-2002).
What kind of salamanders? (We have a tiger salamander, Sally Mander, and have had fire salamander and several newt species.)
Chad, thank you, you are very funny, i have seen a lot of you around.

i am not sure what my salamanders are, they were taken in out of need of a home, as were the majority of my pets ^-^
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