Hello everyone, I'm new to here,


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Just wanted to say hi to everyone out there. I hope to be around for a long time. I'm starting a business breeding Panther chameleons. My name is Cyndi and my other half is John. I was reading different topice here, and I like the general mood of it. A lot of places have to much bantering and bragging, losing the piont of what these forums are here for, knowledge. I'm sure I won't agree with everyone, but I promise I'll be nice!! I don't mind getting advice on how to improve my husbandry skills, so if you think I need some advice on what I'm doing wrong, please help me out. Thats what friends are for!! Till next time, make a good day.


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Welcome Cyndi and John. Yea this site is alot information put together..lol.. hope we can help you and u can help us.


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Hi Cyndi, i'm new here too - just bought my first veiled cham a few weeks ago, got told a complete load of bull by the guy in the store luckily i found this forum and now have a much happier female.

There are a few mixed opinions but wouldn't life be soooo boring if we all thought the same thing lol

Everyone on here is great, friendly and all have their own priceless information.


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Hey Cyndi! I to am new, i just bought my first veiled 4 or 5 days ago, and i love her very much! She seems to be thriving in her enviornment thanks to the help everybody has passed on to me!

One thing i very much appreciate from the individuals on this forum, is their high level of patience!! ( Thank you all again who have helped me in the past! ) In anycase, i knew how important it was to have access to a forum from when i was learning to keep fish! Everyone is very helpful here, and i am sure you will enjoy your stay!


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Dear Cyndi,

I'm new to chameleon keeping also. I bought mine 5 months ago. This is the best site. I've learned soooo much info here. Everybody here is really helpful.


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. A lot of places have to much bantering and bragging, losing the piont of what these forums are here for, knowledge.

Ahhhhhhhh, but see here's where your wrong. There is just as much conflict here, but it is brought upon in an insightful, and intelligent manner.

We should do an annual Chameleon Forum cage match. Two keepers, one 2X2X4 cage. Who will survive?!?!?!?!?:D
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