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So making intro threads after already posting is what all the cool kids do! lol....

Anyways... I don't like.... ever make intro threads.... I just start posting or lurk. But I figured I'd be different, maybe call it part of my new year's resolution, to post an intro thread given the forum has a section for it.

My (screen) name is Hyokenseisou, you can call me Hyo for short. Hyokenseisou is japanese for 'Eternal Ice Cocoon', even though I'm chinese. The name came from name of an attack from a fave character from an anime and I've used it ever sinces, for years.
I live in the good old Canada.

I've always loved herps but never had the 'guts' to own one, given my mom wouldn't let me have any (no I'm not a kid... just a 21 year old who lives at home to save money...). After meeting my bf who had a snake, I finally got some herps of my own (as 'bad' as that sounded. LOL, and not THOSE kinds of herps. LOLOL)

Since then, my pets list has grown from just a dog (shiba inu), bird (cockatiel), and fish (beta), to include a mouse, a brailizan rainbow boa, blizzzard corn snake, veiled chameleon, red-eyed crocodile skink, golden gecko, haitian curly tailed, and green water dragon. My mom doesn't know about the haitian, golden, skink, or dragon. lol....

I've learned a LOT about all sorts of reptiles and hope I keep learning. Chameleons for sure always keep me on my toes because they are actually a lot more 'finicky' and 'delicate' than people make them out to be; by far the most 'neediest' of all the herps I've own so far.

Anyways, hope to learn a lot being here!

[I'm in the process of making a facebook fan page for all my animals if anyone's interested in keeping up to date with all the critters]
Well Hello! I think your user name is exotic I love it :D

You should post pictures of your pets I can't speak for everybody but I enjoy seeing peoples treasure pets;)
Welcome to the forum!
You have quite the assortment of pets! Never heard of that breed of dog before.

I've kept/bred/raised green water dragons for over 15 years. They are a good lizard to have as a pet.

I love the crocodile skinks even though I only ever had one years ago.
Shiba inu is a japanese breed and it literally translates into 'small dog'. An Akita inu is pretty much the same thing, just bigger, ergo translated into 'big dog. Cool huh?
They are less commonly referred to as 'bush tailed' dogs, because of their curly bushy tail.
This is my boy: http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos...27699526_189823944366531_803649_7860361_n.jpg
They come in red with tan, black with tan, and sort of rarely white with tan (or just white). The most common and easily recognized colour is the red with tan. They're super smart and equally clever, and have a LOT of personality. They're like the 'dolphin' of the dog world, really smart. Good size too, not too big, not too small. Females are usually around 20-25ish lbs, where males are usually 25-30 lbs. Mine's a solid 30 lbs, but doesn't look it, because he's so toned and is like pure muscle. They were originally bred to be hunting dogs because of their speed, smartness, and thick under coat which would keep them warm during the cold seasons. They are sometimes called the 'cat dog', because of their obsessive need to stay constantly clean.
There's a little nerd dog info for ya, lol.

Water dragons will be a first for me. My bf and I got it as a shared pet. When we move out together and he's much bigger (it's only about 3 inches in body length, not including tail), we plan on building him either a huge tank, or having an attached green house (those ones that attach to the houses) and just let it roam free in there (obviously set up to what he'll need of course, like a mini tropical forest in the green house).

Yeah the skink's pretty awesome and even more awesome looking. Though sometimes I AM concerned if he's eating or not... Because he's nocturnal, I can't ever tell if he's eating, cause he just hides in his hide all day. But he must be eating any ground crickets because I've had him since august and he isn't dead yet, lol. And he seems way more active and healthy than when I first got him, so I be doing something right lol.
Its cooler this time of year so the skink may be reacting to that and slowing down.

Interesting information about the dog! I don't have a dog but I look after my daughter's 2 Jack Russells when she wants me to. They are pretty smart too!

If you have any questions about the water dragons...just ask...and I'll do my best to answer!
Welcome fellow Canadian. You have a wonderful assortment of animals -- they must keep you very busy.
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