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Hello, I've been lurking for a week or two, so I figured I'd introduce myself.

The only reptiles I've kept in the past were some turtles (red eared slider, and yellow-bellied); that was years ago, 10 year nearly. But I've always been fascinated by chameleons, and I've always known it'd be a challenge - one that I'm looking forward to.

For my most recent birthday my girlfriend started me up with a few items: she got a 75w basking lamp and bulb, some fake vine-like leaves (plastic), a squirt bottle, and a 20"x18"x12" open-air mesh/aluminum cage. I also went to the local nursery, equiped with my list of good plants, and grabbed what seemed like the best plant for size of cage I have; a small Hibiscus. I may go back and look for a tiny ficus or something, because of the sunlight needs of the hibiscus, but it should do for now.

So I started doing research, from what I can tell I need to grab a full spectrum uvb/uva hood and light fixture, possibly setup a dripping system, invest in some "dusting" for the eventual feeder insects, and secure some more safe sticks etc for some more horizontal cross-sections.

O yea, and a CHAMELEON! I went to a local pet store... they actually had a lot of chams. Some panthers, some veileds... I think one more species I'm not sure. The cage conditions looked fine - all cages had decent airflow, opaque seperators between enclosures, food, water dripping systems, lights and heat lamps, and plenty of branches, except that most of them were filled with multiple chams, so they're colors were at their darkest pissed-off state; pretty, but pissed. But they do have a handful of 2-4" baby flap-neck chams for only $30. I'm asuming WC, but I didn't ask.

There's a reptile show next weekend the 19th-20th in Orlando, FL (I live like 45min away) so I think I'll attend and hopefully pickup a young cham at a reasonable price. I'm not a huge fan of veileds, but I probably shouldn't be too picky for my first cham.
Hello cieje, welcome to the Chameleon Forums :)

I recommend asking setup questions in the Enclosures and Supplies forum. You will need a uvb light (reptisun 5.0) and water dripper.

The reptile convention is a great idea. You might see some breeders from this forum there.
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