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hi. Just wondering what else i need for my cham? I have a exo terra glow light on my enclosure and that is it. He has a 75 watt exo terra light in it. Just wondering what else i might need for lighting for uvb/uva. I have a Fishers cham. I can only get exo terra around here so please try to use specific names for things, as i am a little blonde when it comes to the lighting.:) thanks.
You need a flourescent hood fixture. Either a shop light from the hardware store (ie: Home Depot etc.) or an aquarium hood fixture.
In that you need to put a uva/uvb flourescent tube like the zoomed 5.0.
If you cannot find this light where you are, search online (cheaper anyway). I'm sure several people here buy them online and can direct you.
Make sure you measure or otherwise find out/ determine what size bulb you need before ordering. (sorry if that insults your intelligence but you said you were a little blonde about this subject. :) )

Exo terra makes flourescent lights. The one I would recommend would be a "Repti-Glo 5.0". As Brad said I would recommend finding a ballist for the light at Home Depot, Lowes, WalMart...etc... They will be cheaper there then the pet store. Make sure that the light is the same size bulb, in inches that the ballist will except.
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