heat at night?


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At night I turn off the uvb lamp, and leave on a 100 watt ceramic heat emitter. Mr. Chammy tends to sleep lower on the tree which is just fine. However my room never really goes below 70, and jacksons can handle temps to the mid 60's. Should/could I turn the heat off at night? or leave it on for him to regulate? I wouldn't ever want him to get cold.

Also (sorry) what is the closest chams can get to the uvb light without hurting themselves ie. their eyes...

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No need for that heat emitter at night unless it gets down into the 50s! He's probably sleeping lower because it's too warm for him near the heat emitter. They actually need a drop in temperature at night for good metabolism so go ahead and turn that off. What are your normal temps in his cage if you don't mind me asking?

Their eyes shouldn't be bothered by UVB if you're using the right bulb, but they can still get burned by one. At least 6 inches away.



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Jacksons can handle temps much lower than that without problem- at least 20 degrees lower than that without problem. Maybe even lower than that.

I've had jacks outside when temps were in the lower 40s at least without harm for a short time. I would not hesitate to keep them out in the upper 40s. All of the other chams I've ever had including true tropical species like panthers are fine down to about 50 at night- they have close to that in my care outdoors at the beginning and end of the season, and indoors for 2 or 3 months out of the winter and they all do fine.

Unless your home drops below 50 at night, most chameleon owners should not need night heat. Or want it- chams do better with a significant temp drop at night.


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Indeed they did! thank you! I have heard many different things. I just wanted to make sure. The temps during the day are mid 70's to 80, and basking is around 85. I use a 5.0 uvb tube which I heard was best. He cant get any closer than about 8 inches to it. His humidity stays around 60%-70% as well. I had everything fake for a couple days (because I had a fake plant already and was cutting initial start up costs.) however I've come to find the real plants hold the humidity well which is beneficial. Any particular type best for jacksons?
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