Healthy happy but sooo drab FVC


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Ok. So I was over feeding my FVC she's 12 months old. She has had two clutches and her second clutch was only 2 months after the 1st. So I got on and you all said lower the heat a bit and reduce feeding. This has been a good thing. I have a healthy happy FVC but she has lost all of her vibrancy as far as color. She was always limey green now she more forest green. Is this just a it is what it is deal with it? Or is there something I'm missing.
i find the happier healthier mmy male veiled is the less vibant he is, just a mellow green, as well females typicly show less colors than the males. JMO
how much and how fast did u lower the temp?
did u do it over a few days so she would get used to it or just do it over night?
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