he wont eat


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Your Chameleon - 2 month old mael veiled chameleon, ive had him for about 6 days now.
Handling - twice, once to put him in his new home, and the other time was to let my little sister see him up close.
Feeding - I been trying to feed him 3/8" and 1/4" gutloaded crickets. about 12 at a time What amount? in the morning around 7 am before i leave for school. I gutload with apples, oranges, romaine lettuce, blueberries, almonds, and a few other things i cant remember off the top of my head.
Supplements - Repcal calcium with d3(will be once a month), without d3(everyday), and multi vit(will be twice a month).
Watering - I mist the cage down 3-4 times day when im here, if im gone my mom does it for me. I use a little dripper that drips all day.I have not seen the chameleon drink.
Fecal Description - black and white with little bit of yellow, and I have not got him test for any parasites
History - I got him form one of the site sponsors, other than that i know nothing more.

Cage Info:
Cage Type -12"x12"x30" glass cage. i am using reptiglo uvb 5.0 linear tube, and just a normal heat lamp. My schedule for lighting is on at 8am and off at 8pm, I have them on timer.
Temperature - basking temp is right at 82f, and the bottom of the cage sits around 68F,a nd the top of the cage is around76f. the lowest temp throughout the night is 63f. I measure my temps with a digital thermometer, that tracks temps and humidity levels.
Humidity - I keep the humidiy between 40% and 65%, i keep the humidity there by misting the cage.
Plants - I am using fake plants which i got from walmart, I sterilized them before i used.
Placement - The cage is in my room, it sits on my dresser, its in a low traffic area, but when I'm home I'm always in my room. at night i keep a fan on me.
Location - I live in Illinois, U.S

Current Problem - I havent seen my chameleon eat at all since ive gotten him, i been counting the crickets i put in his cage. I leave after i feed him and no one bothers him till atleast noon. when i get home I recount the crickets the cricekts that is see and its always almost always the same amount that i put in there in the morning, the crickets are small so sometimes they are hard to find in the cage.
I put 10 in there yesterday in a cup, and they are all still there. I haven't seen him drink water either. unless he is doing it when know is around I'm thinking he isn't drinking.

thanks for any words of advice
Veileds tend to not drink in front of people from what i've read on the forums. A sign of dehydration would be sunken around the eyes or sunken crest. I would throw a "cham safe" plant in there like pothos, hibiscus, ficus, umbrella etc... Most cham experts would highly advise away from glass terrariums. They can stress your cham out alot. reflection in the glass etc. Unless you take him out side often i would supplement with d3 twice a month. And take one day off of every week for the without d3. As for the feeding, Id say continue with the cup feeding and free ranging. what foods have you offered him so far? wax are usually a nice tasty treat. He may just be settling in. you may have to give him some time.
he seems to be active now, and his eyes are usually open during the day.
last night i peeked at him while he was asleep, he was a bright green color, and
he looked very relaxed.
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