He is finally here!!!


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This is my little Claude...He had me at hello! I am totally in love and he has been here not quite an hour!!

First his new place, pretty sure I have all the major things!...thank you guys for all the tips and ideas! This forum is awesome!

Then I had to take one pic of him...no flash I promise!! It has been the hardest thing to leave him alone!! I cant wait to feed/water him in a few minutes!!


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After seeing everyones pics on here I was expecting him to be much bigger! I was surprised but it was a happy tiny surprise!! :D
Happy cham day. Getting that first cham is a real show stopper. I am glad he had you right out of the box, that is a great feeling isn't it? Enjoy.
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First day with Claude!!!

Thanks guys!! Today has been so much fun!! I had to leave the house so I wouldn't sit and stare at him all day! He is doing amazing - he even shed this morning! :) He is drinking well, I have been able to see him take a few drops...not sure if he ate, although I can find no where near the crickets I put in there, I cant wait until I can cup feed!! Not knowing if he ate is making me a little crazy! Oh lol I know the camera flash wouldn't "hurt" him, I just didnt want to give the little guy a heart attack!! :D
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